Spring Liver Cleanse

Spring is a great time of year to complete a liver cleanse.  Cleansing the liver may result in increased energy, brighter skin, reducing eye redness, better mood and improved blood flow. Many easy to find herbs make for beneficial and tasty "liver cleanse teas."  This category of herbs includes: burdock, Oregon grape root, yellow dock, dandelion, greater celandine, fringe tree, milk thistle, green tea, artichoke, and curcumin.  Aim for 2-3 cups per day for a minimum of two weeks, sweeten with a small amount of honey or stevia if needed.  Alternatively, 1-quart warm water with ½ a lemon squeezed is a great way to support your liver.  Please support Herban Wellness Tea store in Kirkland to purchase the loose herbs to make your liver cleanse tea.

Safety Warning: with any type of cleanse you want to make sure your emunctories are open and working properly.  Please schedule a visit with Dr. Vingelen to make sure you are cleansing safely.  Also, to learn more about foods that support a cleanse plan to attend our event April 22nd at 5pm, Eating Right For A Detox.